Dayspring Mishandled
Gertrude’s Prayer
Dinah in Heaven
The Woman in His Life
The Totem
The Tie
The Church that was at Antioch
The Disciple
The Playmate
Aunt Ellen
Naaman’s Song
The Mother’s Son
The Coiner
A Naval Mutiny
The Debt
Akbar’s Bridge
The Manner of Men
At his Execution
The Threshold
Beauty Spots
The Expert
The Curé
The Miracle of Saint Jubanus
Song of Seventy Horses
Hymn to Physical Pain
The Tender Achilles
The Penalty
Uncovenanted Mercies
Azrael’s Count

Scanned, OCRed and HTMLized by Russell Tayler, Newcastle, Australia
Nov 29, 2002
Limits and Renewals, by Rudyard kipling
MacMillan and Co., Ltd, St. Martins St., London 1949

Files taken from the now deceased site and converted to Mobipocket by Francis Turner 2008