L'Ombre de l'Olivier

The Shadow of the Olive Tree

being the maunderings of an Englishman on the Côte d'Azur

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20090424 - Friday Olive Tree Blogging

Olives are still on the tree in France too. You may recall I recently noted my surprise that olives had remained on the tree in Italy until late March. Well last weekend on a road between Le Broc and Carros I saw that a certain variety of olive tree here in France has also retained its olives into spring as it retained them in the middle of April which I find frankly amazing.
20090424 - Friday Olive Tree Blogging - 2
Interestingly though this was clearly a particular olive variety as the leaves were longer and thinner than most other trees in the area, and the others with the short fatter leaves had no olives remaining on the branches. The second picture today, of a nice old olive tree in the same place more or less, shows a more typical "Riviera" olive tree without its olives in April
20090424 - Friday Olive Tree Blogging - 1
As always click on the image to see it enlarged and don't forget to visit of the olive tree blogging archives for further reminders of how nice olive trees are.