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16 November 2006 Blog Home : November 2006 : Permalink

Tell Tone NO 2 ID

Tim Worstall has found an excellent petition on the Prime Minister's spiffing new website. I recommend all UK residents sign the thing, and anyone else who can plausibly claim a UK address for that matter.

Brief explanation of why the government's ID card scheme to be opposed
  1. It won't work
  2. If it did work it wouldn't solve the problems the government claims it will
  3. It will be a honey pot for crooks whether it works or not
  4. The potential for abuse by a subsequent nastier government is really really scary
Some of my previous posts on the scheme are here and here and I have just uploaded a short story on the subject that will I hope educate and amuse - How I Became An Official Zombie. Oh and don't forget to visit No2ID if you want more information.

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