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17 September 2006 Blog Home : September 2006 : Permalink

Spam and Google fun

ExotiqueThis week the junk mail has been less exciting although "venom gland been before" was a somewhat interesting subject line, as was "booby trap barley" and both were far more comprehensible than the Thai spam I got.

Unlike the Chinese ones I get from time to time this one was short and sweet containing just a couple of lines of text and a url - http://www.comworldthailand.com/promotion.htm - which leads very helpfully to a page not found 404 error - amusingly adding an l to make http://www.comworldthailand.com/promotion.html does lead to a valid page and allows me to look for "exotique items" (see image). Pity the spam email itself didn't get the URL right. Talking of bad URLs another spam contained the URL http://pl.com>.xkjvqvbjz4h2g0g6zglbbgvwb4yttt.alimpses.im, which unfortunately has a > in the URL where one assumes a / should be. In the spirit of honest enquiry I thought I might try downloading the page anyway and discovered that pl.com is a dead site. Chalk up another one for completely wasted effort.

I had assumed that "Fifth Third Bank: Urgent Notification From BiIIing Department" was more to be pitied than anything else for picking a non existent bank to phish for customer account details except that it turns out that Fifth Third Bank is a real bank and that anyway the email was actually spam pushing the usual v1agra crap.

From the bad marketing deprtment there is this joy - "Free Software for download and No Virus". Gosh you mean that free software might contain viruses? I'd never thought of that. Hmm well then maybe I won't download any "No Virus" software from http://www.thaisongs.org/software/pl-setup_aff_200038649.exe just in case.

In non spam news - for unexplained reasons it seems that a lot of people are coming to this blog as a result of searching for the phrase "niwaniwaniwaniwatorigairu" (follow link for explanation of it and why I blogged about this), another phrase where I come up as #1 in google. If any of the visitors see this post and would like to explain why you are searching for this phase then please enlighten me....

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