Another Dam Perpetch Run

Not that many people showed up compared to recent hashes, but of course its the quality of the attendees that counts not the quantity. Could it be that people have heard tales about prior perpetch runs? An alternative possibility is that people believed the lying weather-forecasters and decided that they didn't need to trek all the way into the middle of nowhere to get rained on.

As it happened though the RA did his job properly and the hash gods ensured that there wasn't a cloud in the sky so all we had to put up with was perpetch griping about how he'd put the flour on the trees to avoid the rain. Still there's nothing like a good gripe to get the circulation going and we needed that as despite the sun it was not exactly sunbathing weather. However Incredible Hulk, who has been getting emails from Padre, informed us that if we thought it was cold here it was nothing compared to Plymouth and that Padre hasn't been hashing very much "because its too cold". We also received news from down under as Killadong returned wearing the Hammersly Hash's "Wanker of the Week" shirt and reporting on the antics of Smelly Poo.

After the usual faffing around the hare gave us the instructions, including warnings about steep hills, the walkers headed off in some direction and we runners had a check to solve. Clearly heading off in the same direction as the walkers would be too obvious so we ran around in other directions found all the false trails and then took the trail following the walkers which had lots of flour on it, Suckon was notable for bringing a beer with him on trail. We didn't stay with the walkers for long but headed off into the trackless wastes. The pack kept mostly together because the FRBs guessed wrong at just about every check. Eventually we came to a lake, which looked kind of familiar to some as it has featured in a number of other Perpetch runs. We thought that perhaps we would simply run around the lake and then head back towards civilization and beer - but as we might have guessed this was too simple for the hare. Instead, when we arrived at an outflowing stream (and check) the trail went along the stream. Needless to say this was going AWAY from civilization. After a short bit of scrambling from bolder to bolder we arrived at a waterfall which caused a certain amount of consertantion amongst the more acrophobic hashers. Suckon however pressed on regardless and took a tumble at the bottom which resulted in his spilling his beer (though he claimed it was already empty )and I believe it was at this point that Sadist managed to get his traditional bloodstained appearance.

Having decended the waterfall the trail then required us to pick our way down a bolder choked streamway complete with black ice. It was not noted at the time but the hare was conspicuous by his absence from the scene at this point. We soon discovered why as after a few twists and turns we found the trail heading directly up the face of the dam. At the top encouraging the FRBs was the hare with an evil smile on his face. Although we forgot to mention it in the circle the hare was observed to be guilty of a heinous crime here in that he was seen drinking TEA. There was a considerable pause for a regroup here as the waterfall and icy streamway had caused the pack to spread out a lot. Eventually we headed off around the lake, which was most picturesque, and then back towards civilization. For some reason we seemed to be climbing a lot more than we had descended but eventually we reached the road and after a short jaunt along it the beer check at the entrance to "Chez Perpetch".

At the beer check HarleyD was extremely happy to have observed a long cavalcade of HarleyD bikers which the walkers were awaiting us. It seemed they had been waiting for some considerable time and Perpetch seemed to feel that the runners had been excessively slow and whiney. Finally we were warned about electric fences and sent off for the second half as the sun was setting. The trail in was not quite direct and a number of runners such as Suckon were observed to have short cut it, meanwhile the rest of us saw the sun set through the trees as we finished the run.

The circle was relatively brief due to the temperature but there were copious down downs awarded:
Perpetual Motion
Dirty Dingus
Singing and Scribing
Supermarket Trolley
50 run mug (also Sadist as standin GM)
Sadist and Supermarket Trolley and Miss Kitty and Cool Dude for inablity to count and (lack of) horniness.
Falling over
for something
bringing various gifts from Australia
for getting a "who let the roos out T shirt"
Suckon and Ann Marie
lack of Beer Checks on Australian Hashes
El Toro
Not giving Killadong a job in his restaurant in Oz
Modelling the stubby glove.
Khazi, Ann Marie and HarleyD
Dirty Dingus
Peanut Abuse
Thomas, Danielle, Elspeth and Brian
Killadong was awarded shit of the week mainly because no one wanted the disgusting Hammersly T shirt.

Next week's run in Mouans Sartoux

Since it is the day after Valentines day you should all bring a date. Otherwise the RA may have to assign you one :)

On On

Dirty Dingus