From the Masjid-al-Aqsa of Sayyid Ahmed (Wahabi)
The Captive
Poseidon’s Law
The Bonds of Discipline
The Runners
A Sahibs’ War
The Wet Litany
‘Their Lawful Occasions’- Part I
‘Their Lawful Occasions’- Part II
The King’s Task
The Comprehension of Private Copper
The Necessitarian
Steam Tactics
Kaspar’s Song in ‘Varda’
Song of the Old Guard
The Army of a Dream Part I
The Army of a Dream Part II
The Return of the Children
From Lyden’s ‘Irenius’
Mrs. Bathurst
‘Our Fathers Also’
Below the Mill Dam

HTMLized by Russell Tayler, Newcastle, Australia
Jul 8, 2002
Original text from Traffics and Discoveries by Rudyard Kipling, MacMillan and Co., Limited
St. Martin's St., London, 1949
First Edition 1904

Files taken from the now deceased site and converted to Mobipocket by Francis Turner 2008