The Cow-house Jirga
A Bazar Dhulip
The Hands of Justice
The Serai Cabal
The Story of a King
The Great Census
The Killing of Hatim Tai
A Self-Made Man
The Vengeance of Lal Beg
Hunting a Miracle
The Explanation of Mir Baksh
A Letter from Golam Singh
The Writing of Yakub Khan
A King’s Ashes
The Bride’s Progress
‘A District at Play’
What It Comes To
The Opinions of Gunner Barnabas

HTMLized by Russell Tayler, Newcastle, Australia
Feb 8, 2003
Original text from From Sea to Sea by Rudyard Kipling, MacMillan and Co., Limited

Files taken from the now deceased site and converted to Mobipocket by Francis Turner 2008