As Easy as A.B.C.
MacDonough’s Song
Friendly Brook
The Land
In the Same Boat
‘Helen all Alone’
The Honours of War
The Children
The Dog Hervey
The Comforters
The Village that Voted the Earth was Flat
The Press
In the Presence
Yobson’s Amen
A Translation
The Edge of the Evening
The Horse Marines
The Legend of Mirth
‘My Son’s Wife’
The Floods
The Fabulists
The Vortex
The Song of Seven Cities
‘Swept and Garnished’
Mary Postgate
The Beginnings

HTMLized by Russell Tayler, Newcastle, Australia
Aug 4, 2002
Original text from A Diversity of Creatures by Rudyard Kipling, MacMillan and Co., Limited
St. Martin's St., London,
First Edition 1917

Files taken from the now deceased site and converted to Mobipocket by Francis Turner 2008