The Claims of Art
Values in Life
Imperial Relations
Growth and Responsibility
The Handicaps of Letters
A Doctor’s Work
The Spirit of the Navy
The Ritual of Government
The Verdict of Equals
The Uses of Reading
Some Aspects of Travel
The War and the Schools
The Magic Square
The First Sailor
England and the English
The Scot and the War
The Virtue of France
A Thesis
A Return to Civilisation
The Trees and the Wall
Waking From Dreams
Surgeons and the Soul
The Classics and the Sciences
Work in the Future
The Spirit of the Latin
Our Indian Troops in France

Scanned, OCRed and HTMLized by Russell Tayler, Newcastle, Australia
Jan 11, 2003
Original text: A Book of Words, Rudyard Kipling, Macmillan and Co., Limited
St. Martin’s Street, London, 1928

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