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04 December 2009 Blog Home : December 2009 : Permalink

Google Glimategate

There's been an oddity reported here and there (e.g. at Lucia's Rank Exploits) that Google isn't suggesting "climate gate" as a query when you type the first few letters in. It is also reported that arch rival Bing does.

This seems to be a partially true claim. At first I thought google was doing terribly since it didn't suggest it at all, then I realized that I was by mistake at Google.fr (the dangers of living in France).
google.fr no climate gate
However, when I went to Google.com it was reported.
google.com has climate gate
On the other hand Bing is definitely keener to suggest climate gate to me. I only had to type in CL for the suggestion to pop up.
bing shows climate gate very quickly
I thought perhaps I should get a third opinion so I went to Yahoo and it behaved (once I told it to not be French) like Google but I had to type in a bit more
Yahoo worse than google for climate gate
Well this piqued my curiousity so I wondered what about "HARRY_READ_ME"? as a search. Here Yahoo and Bing both did fairly well though Bing was slightly better.
Yahoo shows up harry eventually tooBing liks Harry read me
but Google, on the other hand, isn't interested in Harry at all, not even when you type the whole phrase in.
Google doesn't like harry
What does this mean? probably nothing other than that more peple use Google and search for more things via it, but it is kind of odd. It also illustrates the same lack of transparency credibility problem as HADRU and GISTEMP do: i.e. since these recommendations are a black box we have no idea how they come up with an answer and hence we may suspect nefarious conspiracy.