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05 October 2009 Blog Home : October 2009 : Permalink

Nanny State Beer

If I had the disposable income I'd be buying a case of this beer for every cabinet minister and sending it to them. Perhaps someone can suggest getting a keg of it to serve in the House of commons bar instead?
Nanny State beer label
Alternatively one could no doubt send them bottles of this wine, which showed up last month in our local supermarket.
Actually it doesn't taste like $#!+
Perhaps a combination package would make the point clearest. Anyway I found about about the brew by reading about it at the Daily Mail website. No not the London one full of bansturbators but the West Virginia one where Don Surber is a blogger. Nanny state beer is produced by a scottish company called "Brew Dog" as a protest against the whiners who think one of their other beers should be banned.

Nanny state beer is 1.1% ABV but allegedly has all the flavour of the real thing (since I haven't tasted any I can neither confirm nor deny this), in comparison to their Tokyo* beer which weighed in at 18.2% ABV.

Needless to say the humourless bansturbators as not happy with Nanny State either:

The name of the beer proves that once again this company is failing to acknowledge the seriousness of the alcohol problem facing Scotland

quoth some fake charity bansturbating numpty called Jack Law according to the BBC. Thereby showing his inability to comprehend the concept of free will or the possibilty of being known as a grown up. No doubt he's a great pal of John Cowan or since both hail from North Briton John Smith, president of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and seem to get their orgasms by proposing that the rest of us be kept safe, smothered in cotton wool by an all caring state.