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12 September 2009 Blog Home : September 2009 : Permalink

News or Photos?

If you go to Pajamas Media (or Instapundit or Powerline or the right bit of CNN) you'll see that there are some enormous (as in tens of thousands or participants) protesting Obamacare and other related issues in Washington DC today with many more apparently in protests elsewhere.

The numbers being mentioned some places (1million plus) seem to be exaggerated but there is no doubt that we're seeing more than 100,000 people in DC. But if you look at screencaps of the CNN/US webpage or the Yahoo Reuters headline list there's not a single story about it. Nor is there, at this monent (19:15 GMT), any coverage at the BBC although there is mention at AP. On the other hand there is this amusing set of "Top News Photos on the bottom of the Yahoo Reuters page:
protest photos
Surely if the photos are news worthy someone ought to write about what is happening?

Media bias anyone?