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01 July 2009 Blog Home : July 2009 : Permalink

Zanu Labour Logo

Gordon Brown is always talking about relaunches and fresh projects (which usually involve recycling tired old ideas) so I figure that the Labour Party itself needs a makeover to make it more modern and a new image to correctly portray its policies. So as a small part of that process I present the new labour logo and flag:
ZANU Labour Logo
Now I claim no credit for inventiveness here. ZANU Labour has been used as a description for some years now and Comrade Bob Mugabe has been using the top part of this logo in Zimbabwe for a few years also. So in fact, now that I ponder more, I realize this new logo is remarkably fitting - it being precisely the sort of tired old cliché presented as new idea which is one of the hallmarks of Gordon Brown's Labour government. It also represents the flag of the ruling part of a bankrupt country which has been mismanaged by the current government so as to take a previously healthy economy and leave it at death's door.

Yes, the more I look at it the more I thing it is highly emblematic of Gordon Brown's party and government.