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Modern newspapers aren't a patch on newspapers of the past

This typo amuses me
The Daily Typograph
Before I read this I had no idea that modern pagans had a daya dn. Let alone the wrong daya dn.

The article itself is interesting since it seems to be telling pagans that really they should be celebrating on the calendar's Mid Summer Eve also known as rather than the actual one and the writer explains why:

That's St John's Eve, preceding the feast of St John the Baptist. That night is still marked with bonfires all over Europe. And it was celebrated with the most extraordinary festivities in England until Henry VIII and the Reformation spoiled the fun.

Look I don't want to be rude or anything but might one enquire why PAGANS should celebrate a CHRISTIAN SAINT'S DAY?

Yes I know the answer, but really the fact of the matter is that the Christians nicked the pagan festival - as they did with Yule in 6 month's time - so why shouldn't the pagans go back to basics and celebrate on the right day? Especially since (doh) Stonehenge is specially designed to mark the actual astronomical solstice not the inaccurate calendar date.