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June 23 - Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Day

As announced by [info]rolanni (a.k.a Sharon Lee of Liaden fame), june 23 has been declared Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Day in the same spirit as secretary's day, or whatever they now call the day to appreciate these minor deities.

As she says, this is to be:

A day of celebration and wonder! A day for all of us readers of science fiction and fantasy to reach out and say thank you to our favorite writers. A day, perhaps, to blog about our favorite sf/f writers. A day to reflect upon how written science fiction and fantasy has changed your life.

There is a facebook group (created by me), there may be a webpage coming, there will probably be LJ, DW and other groups - but as far as I know there aren't yet.

Get the word out. And think of something special to do on that day.