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28 May 2009 Blog Home : May 2009 : Permalink

Google Wave - A Spiffy Wiki?

So I've read a number of the Google Wave blog posts and press coverage etc. and I think I understand what the product will be. And, um, the core concept seems to be the venerable Wiki collaboration tool. Oh no one actually calls it a wiki but a collaboration tool that provides static documents as output sure sounds like a wiki to me.

Now I'm sure that the sexy Web 2.0 AJAXy nature of Wave makes it a lot easier to use than the average Wiki. Indeed if you wanted to me point out the primary weakness of a wiki it is that it generally fails to accept input that isn't plain text typed in using a very basic editor. So if Google has indeed tarted up the Wiki then this is a good thing. But if that's it then what's all the fuss about? surely I'm missing something (and no I don't see autoadding Tweets as anything special).