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01 May 2009 Blog Home : May 2009 : Permalink

Proud to be British and not Brown

There are times when I watch my fellow Britons knuckle under to ZANU labour and its hordes of bansturbationsists and jobsworths that I feel that maybe I should change my nationality. Become French say. But then there are days like today when I reconsider.

When I had a look at the "just go" petition this merry Beltane morning the number of signatures was somewhere around 30,000. That was enough to make this easily the most popular petition on the site and err 1000 times more popular than the Brown (nose) "stay" petition - although according to Mr E this was because certain censors had determined that some of the names on the latter were fake*.

However I just went back there this evening to get my numbers straight for a blog post and I see this
40,885 signatures
Nearly another 10,000 britons have declared their pissed offness with the ZANU labour leader.

But it gets better. We've got Taxi-drivers upset with the tide of ZANU labour sleaze. we've got Tory MPs signing the petition and Labour former ministers saying they are ashamed to be ZANU Labourites.

It seems to me that the British, and probably many other nations, aren't so fussed about the (mis)behaviour of their rulers and the occasional injustice or stupid policy as long as they themsleves are not for the most part affected. Indeed one might suggest that Whingeing Poms actually like some kind of stupid government initiaive to whinge about when they've exhausted the topics of the weather and "wossname doing that on TV last night". But that tolerance is based on the idea that actually things are OK and the MPs, ministers etc.  are doing good for the country even though they also line their pockets, have kinky sex with rent boys, maintain 3 mistresses and go on holiday with bloated plutocrats.

It has now become apparent to pretty much everyone in the UK that the politicians have been concentrating on lining their pockets, having kinky sex with rent boys, maintaining 3 mistresses and going on holiday with bloated plutocrats rather than on doing what they were elected to do - i.e. keep the ship of state upright and not underwater.

I'm not sure what the British equivalent of a Tea Party is but I imagine we'll be finding out over the summer...

*Who would have imagined that names like these might be fake?
* Joy Wendy Endcomes
* D N Disnigh
* Mr N.O. McMandate
* Mr. P. Iss-Off
* Mr S Meargate
* Nick Robinson
* All your friends at the BBC
* Juan Ay-Jocque