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The Shadow of the Olive Tree

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06 March 2009 Blog Home : March 2009 : Permalink

Mighty Hunter Blogging

Our cat decided that we hadn't been feeding him with food appropriate to his age and importance. Our error was that we continued to feed him beef chunks when we should ahve know that beef was a 2008 preference. It's now spring 2009 and certain sorts of fish are the only catfood acceptable in this season, apparently (although the neighbours dry catfood is also marginally acceptable - but only if consumed as the spoils of victory).

Anyway yesterday he decided to show us that if we didn't feed him right it was no skin of his nose, him being a highly experienced predator etc. etc.
Mighty Hunter Mighty Hunter

Mighty Hunter Mighty Hunter
Shortly after showing off to us he ate it all except the head, which he left on the doormat as a momento and reminder to us to feed him properly henceforth.

PS No I don't exactly know what he caught. I think it might be a dormouse.