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01 March 2009 Blog Home : March 2009 : Permalink

MPs, Contracts, the Court (of Public Opinion)

Harriet Harperson and, it seems, other ZANU Labour Apparachiks want to strip Fred the Shred of his pension. A pension which, while big, was part of a signed contract between the Royal Bank of Scotland's board (including treasury minister Lord Myners) and Sir Fred. I personally hope Sir Fred somehow manages to end up in utter penury because he's already invested the lump sum somewhere safe and reliable like Bernie Madoff's funds but that's beside the point. The BBC reports:

Harriet Harman has said former Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) chief Sir Fred Goodwin should not "count on" keeping his full £650,000 a year pension.[...]The sum was unacceptable in "the court of public opinion," she told the BBC, and the government "would step in".

And it turns out that this is also (accoding to the harridan) her boss's view too:

"The prime minister has said that it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted," she told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

I'm sure these ZANU Labour ministers are all in agreement that if you maanage something into the ground you don't deserve a pension afterwards because it is unacceptable to the cours of public opinion. I therefore have a suggestion that they will of course agree to.

When the Harridan and her fellow ZANU labourites quit being MPs they would normally expect to receive a generous final salary pension no matter what they did while in parliament. Seeing as the UK as a whole is now almost as broke as RBS it seems only fair that these ministers forfeit their pensions because they mismanaged the economy so badly over the last decade or so.

I have no doubt Harriert Harperson, Comrade Brown and co will agree. After all rewarding these political scum for their bad decisions would be "unacceptable in the court of public opinion,"