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The Shadow of the Olive Tree

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27 January 2009 Blog Home : January 2009 : Permalink

The Streets of London

For various reasons I got to thinking about the song called "The Streets of London". I believe the original is this folk/ballad version by Ralph McTell.

But it has been covered by many others. There is this approved cover by Mary Hopkin

And there is the Sinead O'Connor cover which is pretty good too.

All of which are very nice and moving. As are versions by Kay Skelton and some live wench called Alexandra who forogt the second verse. Not to mention, according to YouTube, a fair number of others. All done in a slow folksy tempo with lots of emo.

And then there is the Anti Nowhere League's version which does verse 3 instead of verse 1 and is done every so slightly faster.

I'm sure Mr McTell hates the last one but I think it's my fave.