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12 January 2009 Blog Home : January 2009 : Permalink

Marseillaise March Against Hamas

Any number of terrorist lovers and/or jew haters marched in towns across France to protest Israel's right to defend itself. This is not a surprise. Nor, I suspect, is it a surprise that in Nice some people ("youths" no doubt) took advantage of the march to do a little free-lance wealth redistribution from the local shopkeepers. What was a surprise to me was that in the recently snowbound city of Marseilles there was a pro-Israel, anti-Hamas march (translation):

MARSEILLE (Reuters)) - Plus de 15.000 personnes selon les organisateurs, environ 5.000 d'après la police, ont manifesté à Marseille en soutien à l'intervention de l'armée israélienne dans la bande de Gaza.

(More than 15,000 people according to the organizers, aboiut 5,000 according to the police, demonstrated in Marseilles in support of the interventions of the Israeli army in the Gaza strip)

No mention is made of whether they modified the words of the Maseillaise to mention defeating Hamas...