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24 November 2008 Blog Home : November 2008 : Permalink

Webscription eBook News

Just possibly this is the moment we've all been wating for when Tor finally get their act together and start selling things via Baen's webscription service like they promised to many internet generations ago (i.e. last year more or less).

Just a few days ago we were enticed to buy The Jupiter Novel Collection by Charles Sheffield, Jerry Pournelle and James P. Hogan. This collenction, when you look at it closely, consists of books originally published some 10 years ago by Tor.

In other news (which I initially thought was Tor-related but actually isn't), today we see that John Scalzi's "Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded" is also for sale. Although Tor publish most of the Scalzi oeuvre this book actually appears to originate with Subterranean. Anyway when we combine this with the recent arrival of another small publisher Night Shade Books it begins to look like webscriptions is becoming the place to get your SF/F ebooks.

Let's hope more Tor turns up soon so that I can spend the money I don't have on real DRM-free electrons and thereby do my bit to keep my favourite authors in beer and necessities.