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16 September 2008 Blog Home : September 2008 : Permalink

Rebounding Smears

When I wrote about Uncle Remus and the McCain campaign I had no idea how accurate my Tarbaby analogy was going to be. The truly amazing thing about what Kaus called the lib-blog-MSM-(Obama)campaign axis is how its attacks on McCain/Palin rebound and end up attacking Obama & his allies instead. Lets consider the recent attacks.

First take Obama's "McCain Sexist" ad today. Pre-rebutted by me (and others) last Friday when we noticed that some prominent democratic senators who are applying for a couple of executive jobs pay their female staff less than what they pay their male staff while a Republican senator applying for the same position pays his women slightly more than his men.

Then there's the whole "Can't email" thing. Where it quickly becomes apparent that McCain grasps the internet quite well thank you and Obama's campaign struggle to use google to find out that the main reason McCain doesn't do email is because some Vietnamese smashed his hands and arms so they don't work well these days.

Then there's the "McCain/Bush/Republicans to blame for financial meltdown" and a few minutes checking shows that the party and candidates who received the most lobbying kickbacks from Lehman, Fannie & Freddie etc. is Obama and his Democratic pals with McCain receiving far less (or even nothing depending on who the bribegiver donator was).

And finally (for the moment), as Vodkapundit points out, there's the Palin comes from Idaho smear. Idaho you see is a place full of right-wing nazi nuts and since she's from there and went to university there she's clearly also a closet right-wing nazi nuts. Well as Vodkapundit points out Obama lives in Chicago where there are radical former terrorists and um yeah he's definitely friendly with them.

Is Obama's campaign really this incompetent? or are they so panicked they can't think straight? or?