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08 September 2008 Blog Home : September 2008 : Permalink

Palin Rumours Debunked

The thing that has got me and many other people amazed is the number of bizarre rumours being spread by lefties concerning Sarah Palin. Probably the best debunking page is this one which is getting lots of well deserved traffic.

Then there is this page where there are a list of debunkings of completely non-existant rumours such as:

No, Sarah Palin did not have a torrid love affair with GEN Petraeus while she was in Kuwait visiting AKNG troops.

Readers are invited to add their own as it says at the top:

Let's create new smear dismissals before the smears make it to the press. Post your smear in comments in the form of a dismissal. Keep it clean(ish). Make it at least as plausible as the real smears (OK, low bar, but...).

My contributions