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VPILF and More

As a follow up to yesterday's post on Sarah Palin I figure it is worth pointing out that the site VPILF.com exists and is filled with relevant content. Tim W and Clive should do some research. Although strangely enough no pictures of Sarah Palin in a Swimsuit seem to exist either there or  anywhere else on Teh Intertubes (maybe that's because she always goes skinny dipping?).

What is there is her acting as a "Naughty Librarian" in the words of Craig Ferguson (whoever he is)

I can't help but note that Craig Ferguson seems to have learned classic Democratic sneering at rural hicks. I really hope this YouTube segment gets played A LOT because it seems likely to cause all those bitter hicks clinging to their religion and guns (S Palin is certainly one of those that cling to both) to get another look at the sneering elitists of the Urban Democratic party.

Moving onto slightly more serious ground. When it comes to being pro-life she has not only talked the talk she has walked the walk by giving birth last May to a Downs Syndrome son. From the evidence it seems like she was informed by her Ob-Gyn that the baby was likely to be a Downs Syndrome child in plenty of time for her to have aborted it had she wanted to. She didn't. Instead she's mothering him now. It occurs to me that even pro-choice folks may feel a certain respect for her willingness to live up to her principles.

In other cool news. She sold the Alaskan State Governor's jet on eBay. One can't help but wonder if sometime in December we see this:
Air Force 2 on Ebay?
Given the democratic party leadership's apparent love for government provided private jets this could not only trump the "no experience" tag but also play it right into a Republican advantage. First for being against waste, secondly for actually doing something as governor and thirdly for actually living up to campaign promises.

In other positive news the greens are already circulating a set of talking points that show (IMO and that of the Flopping Aces prop) just how out of touch the greens are with mainstream America:

Here are some quick snapshots of Palin's record on issues related to energy and the environment:

  1. Opposed a statewide ballot initiative to prohibit or restrict new mining operations that could affect salmon in the state's streams and rivers
  2. Has pushed to build a natural-gas pipeline from Alaska's North Slope
  3. Got the state legislature to pass a bill to provide each Alaskan $1,200 to help with energy costs
  4. Sued the Interior Department over its decision to list the polar bear as a threatened species
  5. Has proposed eliminating Alaska's gas tax
  6. Has pushed to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling
  7. Has created a committee to forge Alaska's climate-change strategy, and has made Alaska an observer (but not a member) of the Western Climate Initiative
  8. Opposes a windfall profits tax on oil companies
  9. Was the ethics commissioner of the Alaska Gas and Oil Conservation Commission from 2003 to 2004
  10. Lifelong angler and hunter
  11. Husband is an oil production operator for BP on Alaska's North Slope
  12. Started Alaska's Petroleum Systems Integrity Office, an oversight and maintenance agency for the state's oil and gas equipment, facilities, and infrastructure
  13. Chairs the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a multistate panel "that promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment"
  14. Believes intelligent design should be taught along with evolution in science classes
Issue 1 is probably a wash.
Issues 2,3,5 and 6 seem like positives for Americans who don't like paying $$$ for gasoline and like the idea of using American oil instead of buying it from various Mullahcracies and other quality dictarorial regimes such as Russia and Venezuela
Issue 4 is a a minor negative amongst the people who like the idea of polar bears without thinking of the consequences but since the polar bear listing seems likely to end up meaning that Americans all pay more for fuel this can be spun around. Especially since the polar bear doesn't seem to be very threatened.
Issue 7 is actually something that the greens should like
Issue 8 gets her the economist's vote
Issue 9 is part of her attraction for porkbusters along with the jet sale:

Palin finished a strong second in the 2002 primary for lieutenant governor and was being groomed by the party for higher office when she clashed with state Republican Party chairman Randy Ruederich. They both had seats on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, appointed by Gov. Frank Murkowski, the Republican she would later depose. She accused Ruederich of misusing the job for political chicanery and eventually resigned in frustration. Ruederich was forced to resign the job as well, though he remains head of the state party.

Issue 10 is what locks up the bitter rural votes
Issue 11 helps, along with the VPILF factor, to lock in the working male vote.
Issue 12 helps to derail claims that she's in bed with "big oil"
Issue 13 sounds like sense to people who think that waste is a bad thing
Issue 14 is worrying but the same biographical article linked in 9 above points out that:

But as governor, she has not pushed any big-agenda items of social conservatives. She spoke favorably in her campaign of schools teaching the creationism debate with evolution, but lived up to her pledge to do nothing as governor to push the idea. Her first veto was of a bill that would have denied benefits to employees in same-sex relationships -- she said she supported the idea but accepted legal advice that it was unconstitutional. This year, she declined to call a legislative special session on two abortion bills because they would have interfered with her top priority, a measure promoting a new natural gas pipeline.

In summary she knows how to pick her battles and to prioritise, something that is also noted by Kate Granju regarding this picture of cloying cuteness. A picture which also shows that VPILF or not, no one with sense is going to try to cuckold Mr Palin.

The only negative seems to be "Troopergate" and this seems more like a her making a bad initial pick for the job of Public Safety Commissioner and then firing the jerk for incompetance. Jerk then claims that he was fired for not himself firing an Alaskan State Trooper who doesn't sound like someone I'd like to have in the police force and who happens to be Palin's sister's ex- husband (I think).