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16 March 2008 Blog Home : March 2008 : Permalink

Google Ads, Running, Spam and Other Fun

Yesterday I wrote a Livejournal entry to note in one convenient place where I am in terms of fitness etc. While writing the entry there were the following google ads on the side:

Weird Google Ads
The combination is downright bizarre. I also had some comment spam recently which read as follows (links removed)

GravatarFor the first time ever (and quite probably the last) we have an e-book for Olive Tree blogging. Through this e-book I got some knowledge on olive tree and its advantages the e-book are very helpful to know the unknown, information mostly today the e-books are pirated electronic books even though these are helpful.

Methinks someone did some some swift searching of my blog and spammed a comment that hit a couple of the major key words.

In other fun stuff, this Wapping Liar article comparing a diesel BMW to a Prius caused me much amusement. Yes a diesel BMW gets better MPG than a Prius and in places where diesel is cheaper than petrol is presumably considerably cheaper to operate too.