L'Ombre de l'Olivier

The Shadow of the Olive Tree

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22 February 2008 Blog Home : February 2008 : Permalink

Friday Olive Tree Blogging

If you want to think "true Provence" then you think of herbs. At this time of year the herb in flower is rosemary as in this example below one of our olive trees. This year the fruit trees are blossoming now too, a little later than some years. Maybe next week I'll upload some pictures of olives and blooming fruit trees...
20080222 - Friday Olive Tree Blogging
Coincidentally I noticed that the neighbours decided to crop the tree I featured 3 weeks ago on Olive Tree blogging. Here is a afterwards shot to go with the one from before.
20080222 - Friday Olive Tree Blogging
As always you can click on the image to see it enlarged and are invited to visit the olive tree blogging archives to remind yourself of how nice olive trees are.