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21 August 2007 Blog Home : August 2007 : Permalink

Nothing Happened in Linan on 30 June 2007

Well someone totally unimportant died in some totally uninteresting way and a correction stating this has been posted:

Concerning the essay <Correction on information about the town official Xu Xinyan>, our website makes the following additional clarification:

1. The essay had not been reviewed and approved by the senior leaders and should not have been published.  The contents do not match the truth in any way.  We therefore apologize here to the readers.

2. Xu was just an ordinary worker at the town, and not a Party cadre leader.

3. Xu probably died from a sudden ailment.  At the time, he was in his own private car, and not a government car.  He was the only person present there.  He was fully clothed and not naked.

4. As for the other person, the circumstances are not yet known.  But it was not a female cadre.  That person was not naked either.  That person was just an ordinary worker.  The details are being investigated by the relevant departments.

5. Since the case of Xu is still being investigated by the relevant departments and the Linan newspapers have not published anything, we ask the readers not to make comments and to place their trust in the party organization.

So what do you think could have happened?

Unfortunately the correction was removed and replaced with:

We thank the large number of readers for their interest in Hangzhou Information Net.  According to orders from the superiors, this post has been deleted altogether.  Concerning the matter of the person Xu from Qingliangfeng town, Linan city, Hangzhou province, we ask you not to discuss any further.  The case occurred a while ago.  The Xu incident is just a one-time-only rare phenomenon.  The majority of our party members and cadres are still good people.  So we say the same thing: You must trust the organization and you must trust the Party.  When the investigation is completed, there will be a proper conclusion.  Before that conclusion is reached, we should not be discussing the matter.

Private Eye must have readers in China. If you don't want to know what didn't happen on June 30 concerning the death of person Xu then you probably shouldn't click here.