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21 August 2007 Blog Home : August 2007 : Permalink

Let The Iraqi Interpreters In

From Charlie Stross to the readers of the Daily Mail (contrary to comments by Mr Stross) the British public seems to think that we should let the Iraqi Interpreters and others who have worled for us in Basra have asylum in the UK if they wish it. Given that the UK seems happy to allow convicted murderers to remain in the UK once they have finished their sentence, the arguments made about the interpreters are shown to be hypocritical crap. The ZANU Labout government, their whitehall toadies and human rights 'defenders' get worked up about the human rights of scum that preach sedition and dissent here but claim they will be tortured if deported, but they don't care about people who face the ultimate human rights abuse - death - for helping the British government in Iraq.

Des Browne even said that this was the thn end of the wedge and that 20,000 Iraqis might come. That seems unlikely. However it seems likely that the people that did come would make a positive contribution to life in Britain, most will be familair with English, all show a desire to work, and a desire to better themselves, and, more subtly, their presence at British mosques might help moderate the rhetoric there.

And if there isn't room we could always deport Neil Clark to Serbia.