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31 July 2007 Blog Home : July 2007 : Permalink

A Great Female Role Model

My pal Moon from TMF has a post about a lady (and her book - see right) who is clearly a positive role model for girls. Apart perhaps from the lack of red hair, Danica McKellar, the lady in question,is a perfect Heinlein heroine since she likes cats and coauthored a maths proof while studying for her batchelor's degree at UCLA: "Percolation and Gibbs States Multiplicity for Ferromagnetic Ashkin-Teller Models on Z2". Not only that she is willing to help share her knowledge with others, something that very few people in her profession seme to do.

And what is her profession?

Well when she's not writing (about) maths, she's an actress. Actually this makes her one of the few people with an finite Erdős-Bacon number, in fact she has probably got "the lowest known Erdős–Bacon number for a professional actress" (or actor). She is also, ahem, babelicious (large image). Interestingly another reasonably babelicious actress - Natalie Portman - also has a single digit Erdős–Bacon number.

Maybe the entertainment news folks could have more about Danica McKellar and less about brainless druggies such as Britney, Lindsay and Paris...