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Shamed by the Danes

The Danes decided to have a secret airlift to get those Iraqis who had helped them but felt they would be vulnerable to reprisals out of Iraq. In the UK the government don't do that. They don't even provide asylum to Iraqis who helped the British troops and who then flee Iraq (see here, here, here, here and here). This is a complete disgrace, albeit one that comes as no surprise to me given how ZANU Labour and its jobsworth bureaucrats demonstrably lie to everyone else and have no concept of loyalty.

Tim says (also first link above):

There was a day when an Englishman's word meant something: not all that long ago as well. I've been a beneficiary of this idea that we are an honourable people who do as we say we will, will do the right thing, as recently as the 1990s in Russia. I've no doubt that my brother, currently working in Kabul, benefits from it today.

There are those who think this unimportant: unfortunately they are also the scum who rule us.

Write to your MP. Email them, phone them. Spread the word. Comment on the newspaper blogs. Write letters to editors.

The French already think of us as Perfidious Albion: let's not go and prove it to the whole world, eh?

He's right in every particular. I'll go further and suggest that denying these people asylum while putting up with someone like this as a "political refugee" is a sign of a government that has its priorities so fucked up that any reputable writer of fiction would be ridiculed for writing something like it in a book.