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21 July 2007 Blog Home : July 2007 : Permalink

Slow News Day?

The BBC spent a lot of this morning's World Service news on Harry Potter. It was, I admit, the last item, but they had a good 30 second recording of JK Rowling reading the first chapter last night as well as some other reporting surrounding that recording.

This was longer than they gave to covering
Taleban 'kill captured Germans'
UN probes 'abuse' in Ivory Coast
Lula vows to act after air crash
Two held over Rwanda massacres
and failed to mention any progress in Iraq, events in Pakistan or Iran, the Koreans in Afghanistan (beyond a throwaway line in the German story, which at that time was more "threaten to kill" IIRC) or any number of other stories that might be interesting. The bias in the selection of stories to cover seems to be getting more blatent. Surely it wouldn't kill the BBC to report that Iraq appears to be becoming significantly quieter recently. The statistics here are looking better than they have for a while, especially given that the "surge" has been in an active fighting stage for the last month. First the average coaliation fatalities/day:
Average deaths/day of coaliation forces in Iraq
Now the Iraqi deaths (which includes security forces, civilians and I believe "insurgents"):
Average deaths/day of Iraqis
(Note that july 2007 is the leftmost column)