L'Ombre de l'Olivier

The Shadow of the Olive Tree

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James at Nourishing Obscurity has tagged me for this meme which I believe is essentially 7 Facts About Me. I'll copy at least some of James' subjects because they seem good to reuse.

Most Favourtite Celebrity Sighting
Well I'm bad at recognizing celebrities so, apart from sitting a couple of rows back from Jack Nicholson on a flight to Nice (and it took until he stood up at the end for me to realize why he looked familiar), all my celeb sightings have occured when I knew I was going to meet a celeb. I think my favourite was meeting Lindsay Davenpoort (and Steffi Graf and Martina Hingis and...) at the Bank of The West Tournamen at Stanford in 1998. Why Lindsay? because when I took the picture below she asked what the camera was and I demonstrated a digital camera to her. It was apparently the first one she had ever seen.
My wife & Lindsay Davenport in 1998
A Little Known Fact.
In 1989/1990 I thought walking around barefoot was cool. And did so even in places where it probably wasn't cool such as the offices of the family lawyer and glass strewn dance floors in Helsinki.
A Life Changing Event
April 1991 - Being asked "So Francis, would you like to work in Gerrards Cross or Tokyo?" and answering "Tokyo" It seemed to me that only a total loser would not choose Tokyo but apparently I was in a minority because the company concerned had problems finding folk willing to work in Japan. I had a blast there, met my wife (though we didn't get married for a while) and made a number of friends that still remain after all these years.
Most Memorable Public Event Attended
Orthodox Easter 1987 (or was it 1988?) in the cathedral in Moscow. This was the first time that the Soviet state TV televised a religious service and one of the first for a few decades where the worshippers were allowed to actually use the real cathedral.
Disguises and Cross-dressing
I have donned a red-dress and run around with a group of others on a number of occasions. I still have the dress, can still get into it and know many other men who do the same thing.
Best Trip
The Financial Times organized a safari to Kenya & Tanzania in Spetember 1993. This was a two week blast. We had excellent guides and lots of comfort and we saw quite astounding amounts of wild life and learned a lot. My 2nd bets trip would be the one to Peru but I count thta as less successful because we had major galloping gutrot for the last couple of days and that tended to put a damper on ones enjoyment of the place.
Favourite Physical Attribute
My hair. It's naturally curly and I used to wear it long. I've been told that I have to have it cut shorter these days though.

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