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03 July 2007 Blog Home : July 2007 : Permalink

ETA? Who They?

In the news in France is the arrest of first 3 ETA members in a car with bombs yesterday, then another two near Paris and the bombing, presumably by ETA, of 2 holiday homes. ETA must, it seems to me, be really really hacked off by the Muslim Rageboys because what with presumed Al Qaeda folk blowing up Spanish tourists in Yemen and all those doctors in Britain ETA can't get any publicity.

Now of course ETA is probably somewhat relieved that some of its bungling is being buried - after all being caught in a car with bomb kit as the first three were is kind of embarrassing but given that the purpose of a terrorist organization is to terrorize the populace the least you could hope for is some sort of widespread coverage. As it is the English speaking press has practically nothing. A google news search for "ETA Arrest" has articles from Bulgaria and China but nothing much from more widely read sources and so far the BBC's own website is far more concerned with EU politics and the YouTube humping video than ETA. Indeed even the French news sites seem to be burying the ETA news below stories about what the government is going to next ...

Given that many of the news stories for ETA Arrest seem to refer to ETA suspects picked up in Canada, France and other exotic locations over the last month or so, it looks like ETA may be going to regret its decision to end its cease-fire. After all since the cease-fire ended its leader has seen his house arrest turned back into prison and then there have been all these arrests of ETA folk, many of them carrying guns and/or bombs. All in all it hasn't been a good month for ETA and maybe we will indeed be able to forget about them in the near future.