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28 June 2007 Blog Home : June 2007 : Permalink

Minister for Kleptocrats

Mark Malloch Brown, former UN bureaucrat and tennant of one George Soros (and, unfortunately, a fellow alumnus of Magdalene), has been granted a peerage in order to take up the post of minister for Africa, Asia and the UN in Gordon Brown's (no relation) cabinet. The BBC informs us that:

He will not have Cabinet rank but will attend Cabinet meetings.

Clearly such an upstanding member of the community would not have paid for his peerage and as Brown is a very common surname he is no relation to the Jelly Bellied Flag Flapper. Lord Brown, as he is now to be known apparently, has had a very interesting career as Melanie Phillips points out:

Last year, speaking of the United Nations, Mark Malloch Brown insisted, “Not a penny was lost from the organization.” This, after an audit through which it was shown that the United Nations had lost $7 million from overpayments; $61 million was found to have bypassed U.N. rules; $82 million was lost to mismanagement; and $110 million was rated as having “insufficient” justification. This adds up to $260 million out of a $1.6 billion budget.

One wonders whether he will also take responsibility for shredders, procurement of Mercedes Benzes and possibly the procurement of minors for sex and money laundering. All things that his underlings did while at the UN.

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