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27 June 2007 Blog Home : June 2007 : Permalink

EU Not A Constitution = US Not An Amnesty

Last night I suggested that folks protesting the EU "Not a Constitution" could take a leaf out of playbooks of US folks protesting the US Immigration "Not an Amnesty" debate by developing YouTube videos and the like. Interestingly it seems that the politicians seem to be copying each other's good ideas.

Take this multiple choice quiz:

Virtually everything important that is happening with respect to the XXX seems to be happening under the surface, away from the eyes of prying journalists and concerned citizens. The procedural maneuvering is incomprehensible. The substance of the YYY is extraordinarily difficult if not overwhelming given the limited time allowed for their consideration.

In the analysis by a blogger reproduced above does
  1. XXX = Immigration Bill and YYY = ammendments before the Senate
  2. XXX = European Summit and IGC negotiations and YYY = IGC mandate
  3. Both
As it happens the blogger is American and referring to 1 but it could easily have been 2 or 3. As the EU Referendum blog (amongst others) points out the European politicians are not exactly making it easy for us to figure out what they are agreeing to. Quite a lot of other tricks, such as a somewhat spurious deadline and resulting late night negotiations in various back rooms, seem to be being shared between the two. As is the fact that in general (there are honourable exceptions) better, more informed and more incisive commentary seems to be coming from the blogosphere rather than the traditional media.

Another quiz:

The (referendum/amnesty) argument is not symmetrical. Those in favour of the (treaty/amnesty) are against a (referendum/debate including enforcement) because they think they may lose it. They want (Europe/America) to stutter forward in secret ways that confirm the suspicion of all that emanates from (Brussels/Washington). Others are for a (referendum/debate including enforcement) because they hope it will reject the (treaty/amnesty). But they at least have democracy on their side. They are ready to go out and argue the case and accept the result.

Is this English or American? Answer here

One key difference seems to be that Americans are roused to call their representatives and tell them to stop. So far, it would appear, the griping in Europe is confined to the internet and the media. No one is using Theyworkforyou.com to contact MPs and express dissatisfaction. Yet.

PS Given that the EU constitution was pronounced dead 2 years ago and the current IGC proposals appear to be almost identical, are people in favour of this revived EU constitution guilty of constitutional necrophilia?