L'Ombre de l'Olivier

The Shadow of the Olive Tree

being the maunderings of an Englishman on the Côte d'Azur

22 June 2007 Blog Home : June 2007 : Permalink

Friday Olive Tree Blogging

In fact this is solstice blogging, as this image was taken at sunset yesterday, the longest day of the year. [Yes I probably should have done it at sunrise but I don't do the getting out of bed at 5am to take a photo thing]

Anyway it may also amuse to compare this with the image of the tree from Friday olive tree blogging three months ago after it had had its haircut. As always clicking on the link gets you to a larger version and its worth visiting the olive blogging archives if you haven't seen them yet.

Technical News

I'm experimenting with ways to create RSS feeds of particular flickr sets. So far the only one I have done is one for olive tree blogging and it is using the "pheed" format. It is here. Those of you that have the google screensaver can add a Olive-blogging RSS feed to it by copying the link above to the google screensaver photo feeds section (detailed instructions) and it should be usable in other ways too. Over the next few days it is likely to change abruptly as I play with adding (for example) XSLT support and other codey goodness but feedback - especially of "it doesn't work properly with a particular news reader, browser or something - will be welcome.