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13 June 2007 Blog Home : June 2007 : Permalink

Preshident Sloshedkozy?

Just a couple of days after his first G8 summit, Sarko visited schools in the Alpes Maritimes yesterday. Apparently he felt he'd get more grown up conversation there than he got during the G8 summit. Well that's one possibility and I can understand it, meeting people like Putin or Bliar would be enough to drive anyone to drink. Of course that wouldn't be tactful or diplomatic so no doubt that explains why the French media have drawn a veil of silence over Yeltsinkozy's press conference at the G8 summit after he had a meeting with President VodkaPutin. Fortunately in these days of the World Wiide Wibble and Youtube French residents are not limited to French TV channels or newspapers to get their news and gossip. So without further ado may I present Belgian TV's images of our glorious leader.

PS It occurs to me that Messr's Sue, Van Grabbit et Courir may be on to Youtube about this video. After all many other Belgian ostrichsnews outlets recently sued and won in an attempt to stop Google publicising their newsgathering abilities.