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22 May 2007 Blog Home : May 2007 : Permalink

The Right Sort of Dead Palestinians

As noted by that famous left-winger Melanie Phillips and by those zionist lackeys over at Harry's Place quite a few Palestinians have been killed recently without much fuss or bother. All those bodies, not to mention the MSM, who get worked up about the plight of the Palestinians have been remarkably silent over the last few days as the Hamas and Fatah civil war gets worse in Gaza and as the Lebanese Army attacks a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Obviously the Palestinians who are dying are the right sort who deserve to be killed because otherwise one would be forced to assume that these pressure groups and their MSM buddies are disgustingly racist and only care about Palestinian deaths when they are caused by Israelis.

Still is is amusing, in a rather black way, to see how the MSM covers these events. The BBC points out that many Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are pensioners:

Lebanon is home to more than 350,000 Palestinian refugees, many of whom fled or left their homes when Israel was created in 1948.

If they fled in 1948 they must be at least 59 years old this year. Since I don't recall any reports of a mass crawl by Palestinian toddlers to escape the Israelis in 1948 it seems likely that many were older than this and thus they must be of pensionable age. Oddly enough the pictures seem to depict a rather younger looking set of people, could the Palestinians have found some wonder anti-aging cure?

Then there is that sage reporter Robert Fisk writing in the Indy:

Not since the war - yes, the Lebanese civil war that we are all still trying to forget - have I heard this many bullets cracking across the streets of a Lebanese city.

This is a surprise, last year Mr Fisk seemed to be concerned that some dastardly Israelis were massacring all and sundry. Or was it merely that the Israelis only shot their bullets in villages not cities? Mr Fisk does wonder whether it was all a bit of an overreaction apparently. A terror group of some 300 men, $1500 stolen. Chicken feed. Surely not worth the massive overreaction by the Lebanese government?

Then there is this (Australian) ABC article where the Fatah al-Islam group are reported as saying:

"We are going to continue fighting until the last shot. There will not be another Jenin massacre," he said, referring to an Israeli assault on a refugee camp in the West Bank in 2002.

Since the Jenin "massacre" involved the deaths of about 55 palestinians, mostly terrorists it is not quite clear what this statement means. Maybe it implies that this will be a real massacre instead of a fake one? Or that more that 56 Fatah al Islam fighters are going to die? or?

It's all a bit of a mystery but at least we don't have to worry about it because only the right sort of people are dying.