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02 May 2007 Blog Home : May 2007 : Permalink

American/Koran Legal Relations

Or abusing the juducial system for revenge and profit. Two examples

In Washington DC the Korean owners of a Dry Cleaners are being taken to the legal cleaners by judge who claims they lost his trousers and therefore failed the "Service Guarranteed" and "Same Day Service" notices they had stuck up. This has to go down as one of the most fivolous lawsuits of all time, especially as said judge has refused out of court settlements of $12,000 and to take back the trousers once they were found. As various commenters at Orin Kerr's post on the suit say the more you read about this case the more it makes one wonder why the plaintiff is a judge since he seems to lack judgement.

Meanwhile in Korea turnabout seems to be unfair play with, as both the Marmot and the Metropolitician report, a blogger being accused of defamation because he blogged the details involved in extracting the money he was owed by his former employer. Said employer doesn't like the fact that the blogger publicised the way she resisted the law and has filed criminal charges against him.

In the US case one suspects that eventually the judge is going to lose, and then get sued into the ground and possibly disbarred for being an idiot. In the Korean case, however, it seems rather less likely that the forces of good will prevail since the blogger is having trouble finding afforable competant legal representation.

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