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20 April 2007 Blog Home : April 2007 : Permalink

Not Kiddiefiddler.com But Cardfraud.com

I am far from alone in thinking that paedophiles are the scum of the earth. So when I read that police have a list of such folks because they paid for access to child porn sites with their credit cards I far from alone in the "string the scum up" point of view. I'm also of the opinion that anyne who used their credit card to pay for such images is an idiot who deserves what comes to him.

Well it turns out that the kiddie fiddlers may not be quite so stupid after all. As Duncan Campbell reported in the Grauniad yesterday, one of the huge lists of supposed paedophiles appears to have been more a list of victims of credit card fraud than anything worse. Mind you it turns out that some of the victims may have been accessing porn to get their details stolen but lookng at naked ladies (or gentlemen if you prefer them) is not a crime or anything more than slightly embarassing if caught and other victims appear to have seen their details nicked from a Florida luxury goods store.

Credit card fraud can be bad enough - it has happened to me a couple of times - but it is far worse when the goods you are allegedly buying is child pornography. [Oh and it is worth pointing out that stuff labeled child porn can include photos of teenagers who appear to be mature so even visitng a "child porn" site may in fact mean visiting a site where the models were aged 16-17]

A question for further pondering - given that there seems to be a surprising correlation between rape and pornography (rape goes down as porn goes up) - should we be tolerant of kiddiefiddlers with dirty pictures of children because someone who can get satisfaction by looking at the pictures won't be attacking the real kids?

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