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13 April 2007 Blog Home : April 2007 : Permalink

I Can Tell Your Art Is Stolen

Todd Goldman's plagiarism
Various places on the Internet such as the BEAT (twice) and the Something Awful fora, are reporting that Todd Goldman, famous for artwork like "I can tell your bag is fake" and "Boys are stupid" which he has turned into a major brand with lots of T Shirts and high priced signed copies, copied a number of his picture concepts from other people. As a version linked to from the BEAT explains:

Today’s case involves Todd Goldman of David & Goliath clothing and accessories company. Goldman’s work is distributed worldwide through his company and art galleries. It is called “deceptively simple” in a recent press release for his show Gold Digger, currently on exhibit at Jack Gallery in Los Angeles, but the word deceptive apparently goes a bit deeper.

Web cartoonist Dave Kelly created a drawing about five years ago of one of his characters, Purple Pussy, praying at bedside, “Dear God, Make everyone die. Amen.” Goldman has a nearly identical piece in Gold Digger which he’s selling as if it’s his original creation (see for yourself.) This isn’t his only rendition of the piece he copied. There’s another more direct rip-off here. Calls to the gallery for comment were forwarded to a surely over-worked and under-whelmed vice-president at the parent company of the gallery who has yet to respond.

As related here his actions after being called on this showed that he is indeed a quality sort of guy by sending those who emailed him this quality reply:
Thanks for the inquiryŠ

Here's my inspiration! Every month I paint the works of a pedophile. This week, I chose the work of Dave Kelly, he's a huge infantilist furry. This is someone who draws baby anthropomorphic animals either wetting themselves or jacking off. I'm not kidding. Once again, his name is Dave Kelly and this is his FTP full of his lovely art, there are even some photos of the artist himself, handsome fellow isn¹t he?


Next month, please look for my special pedophile/serial killer series when I recreate the works of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Once again thanks for your support and please help me with my cause by spreading the word and showing the world just how creative pedophiles can be.

Do it for the kids.


I'd suggest not buying any artwork from Mr Goldman or any products from his David & Goliath company. And even though his D&G bio says to email him if you want to call him a jerk I think you might do better to contact those who give him other jobs (his art gallery - Jack Gallery/s2Art seems to have already removed his pages although they do have a few of his cartoons in the flash animation on the home page) such as Seventeen Magazine and what ever cmpany was giving him a TV cartoon series.

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin