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05 April 2007 Blog Home : April 2007 : Permalink

Is Art more valuable than Science?

A question from LovetoLead (via Tim W). My response

You have to be kidding!

Try living without the products of science or without the products of art for a year and see which you miss most.

No Science No computer or anything else powered by electrcity, including the phone, the fridge, the central heating and the cooker (anything more complicated than a barbecue or AGA will involve materials or techniques that were developed by scientists). No clothes other than those made from wool, cotton, silk or leather. No cars, trains, buses or even bicycles other than something like a penny farthing. Even things like plumbing and aluminium double glazing are out so you may need to move to a rather simpler house. Most food and almost all medicines have benefited from science so your diet is going to be rather uninteresting and you'd best not fall ill. On the other hand you can read nice old books, see old master paintings, opera, ballet, classical music and a whole variety of pre-19th century architecture. You should avert your eyes from modern coloured books, modern paintings (done with acrylic paints) and ignore all pop, rock or other electrically powered music.

No Art OK life is a bit boring what with no music, pictures, TV etc. but at least it is comfortable and, assuming you don't die of boredom, you'll probably reach 70 in fair health.

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