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05 April 2007 Blog Home : April 2007 : Permalink

Strikingly French

This news item (automatic english translation) got a giggle from me when I read it. It seems, and the picture on the right provides evidence that it is true, that the company who won the contract to stick up the official campaign posters for all candidates has gone on strike. As a result the official poster places in each municipality are very empty. I don't say that this is a great loss to be honest, the political posters are usually no more than a head, a trite slogan, and a party name so we really don't need them but somehow the whole thing seems remarkably typical of France.

Some candidates have got local supporters who have worked for them - in Mouans Sartoux that would be Marie-George Buffet (one of the commies),  Sarko and Sego. Amusingly in Mouans Sartoux it seems like the posters are being placed in approximate order of left/right wingness although Sarko is at the extreme right, a position I think he would prefer to relinquish to Jean-Marie Le Pen

PS Sometimes I love French names. Jean-Marie Le Pen is far right and male, Marie-George Buffet is far left and female. Both have those mixed gender names with a male bit and a female bit.

PPS on the subject of strikes EURSOC links to a Ross Clarke column where he praises French railways. Clearly Mr Clarke has never had to use them for work every day and dealt with the way the "workers" go on strike about once a month for one reason or another and thereby cause total transport chaos.

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