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29 March 2007 Blog Home : March 2007 : Permalink

The Hugos are here - vote Baen

As reported by Patrick Nielson Hayden, the Hugo nomnees list has been published. Despite my hopes for a Baensweep, there are almost no Baen entries on the shortlist. I shall be fascinated to see the voting report to see how many Baen things were nominated.

Anyone who has a membership and is therefore eligable to vote is strongly encouraged (by me) to vote for Jim Baen as Long form editor. I will probably also be voting for Mike Resnick's Novelette and I expect I'll be voting for Mr Scalzi for fan writer since I've never heard let alone read any of the others.

I haven't read or watched any of the other nominees so its going to be tough. I hope that, as last year, most of the entries will be available electronically because if not I shall just be voting for people like Mr Stoss who has made some of his work available.

PS Talking of Stoss he has an absolutely must read essay on DRM and eBooks.

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