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27 March 2007 Blog Home : March 2007 : Permalink

Mile High Sex Outside the Gates

Tim Worstall brings to my attention a news item concerning this radio station contest.

Love will literally be in the air for one lucky couple as a local English radio station offers a chance to join the mile high club over America.

Big L radio in the sleepy English coastal town of Frinton, some 60 miles northeast of London, is inviting couples for the next week to go on air and describe how they are growing old in a suitably disgraceful manner.

The winning couple, who will be selected by a panel of judges appointed by the radio station, will be flown to Atlanta, Georgia and put onboard a private plane equipped with champagne and a double bed to take to the air in amorous style.

Frinton is not normally a place where one discusses sex, and indeed given the average age of the inhabitants this is probably a good thing. Before this Frinton was notorious for its lack of pub (a lack rectified in 2000) and for the graffiti added to the BR advert about the Harwish Boat Train - original slogan "Harwich for the continent" to which was added "Frinton for the incontinent."

Fortunately for the blood pressure of numerous retired gentlefolk, such as my dear parents, the radio station's address is outside the gates - i.e. not within the proper upper class part of the town and thus presumably serves the more plebian surroundings such as Walton on the Naze. Although it has to be said that not all is as it should be within the gates - the local Gazette newspaper has an article about the attempts to stem the "yob culture" going on this week and a rock concert this weekend. I shall be visiting the place this weekend so an on the spot blog exclusive about the rock concert is entirely possible.

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