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05 March 2007 Blog Home : March 2007 : Permalink

Talking About Faggots

There would seem to be two ways to do this.
  1. Puerile schoolyard taunts even though you are female and have supposedly been a grown up for quite a number of years
  2. This way (watch it all)

I suggest that if you want to get your digs in then option 2 (h/t Scott Burgess) is the way to go. Option 1 does gain you a little bit of notariety, another few minutes of fame perhaps, but mostly what it does is embarass your "side" and embolden the other "side". Option 2 allows you to damn with faint praise and otherwise sting your opponents with barbs that they can't ignore but yet cannot easily respond to without making themselves look even more stupid,

I note that option 2 is not an official piece of political thought, or even a discussion of the rights and wrongs of homosexuality, monarchy or anything else, but it is far more edifying than all of the political "debate" we have seen recently on the other side of the Atlantic - actually coem to think of it its better than most on this side too. Unfortunately such a delivery doesn't really fit into the MSM's soundbite culture and so seems destined to remain on the Internet. But how much would you pay for a Brian Sewell tour of, say, the Al Gore energy efficient residence?

Update: I am happy to attach my name to this open letter

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