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27 February 2007 Blog Home : February 2007 : Permalink

To CAP it all

Got to love this one from Daniel Altman (via another Daniel - Drezner) I learn that the EU's wonderful CAP (the r is silent) is rather more trade distorting than the agricultural tarriffs and export subsidy programs of other countries:

There’s something funky going on in the European Union’s trade regime. According to a new report from the World Trade Organization - yes, it is good for something even while negotiations are stalled - the union’s average tariff on crops rose to 18.6 percent from 16.5 percent two years earlier. [...] In addition, the WTO report states that the EU’s export subsidies - an instrument of trade distortion - make up 90 percent of all export subsidies paid by the WTO’s members.

I thought we were supposed ot have reformed the thing. Obviously not or at least not enough.
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