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27 February 2007 Blog Home : February 2007 : Permalink

Skype Propagating Rootkit

Repeated from my work blog. According to a thread today in the Skype Windows Forum, skype users (and that includes me) have been receiving bogus skype chat messages which ask users to click on a link. If you do so you apparently get a rootkit which is only recognized by the very latest virus software versions.

In my case the chat message allegedly came from a friend and had a vaguely plausible subject, however it was clearly not genuine becuase the link was odd and becuase the user immediately left the chat session after sending the link. An example that I received this morning is:

[10:05:37] XXXX says:

Check up this:

[10:05:40] XXXX left this chat

Needless to say you should not even think about following the link which downloads either an .exe or .pif file that presumably includes the rootkit.

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