L'Ombre de l'Olivier

The Shadow of the Olive Tree

being the maunderings of an Englishman on the Côte d'Azur

25 February 2007 Blog Home : February 2007 : Permalink

Belated Friday Olive Tree Blogging

OK I had an excuse for last week - I was away from the Internet doing a whistlestop tour of the northern parts of the Iberian peninsular - but I have no excuse other than recovering from the latter for why I've been late this week. Anyway to make up for my slackness I present not one but two photos of olive trees in Portugal.

The first is taken at Pinhão on the banks of the upper Douro river where they make the wine that becomes port. Its merely a pretty photo involving an olive tree or many, but it was interesting because apparently the olive trees flourish in the Douro area microclimate but don't do so well less than 100 kilometers away (as the crow flies) to the N, S or E of this location.

The other is taken above the village of Horta a few kilometers from Pinhão and up nearly 500m in elevation and shows a field of young olive trees and some blossoming almonds behind them.

I despise l'Escroc and Vile Pin